Quite possibly one of the most unique places I have travelled to in the world. When I bump into Jay-Z next, I may have to point out that this is probably the real-life concrete jungle he referred to!

The panoramic views of the city’s diversity can really be experienced from two of the most infamous landmarks, Sugar Loaf Mountain & Christ the Redeemer.

To experience the culture and cariocas on my friend’s stag-doo was not the situation I had ever imagined, but it did not fail to impress at all!

Whilst recovering from the previous nights samba orientated shenooligans Lapa and in between being distracted by beach vendors selling caipirinha’s, cerveja, thong’s & sunglasses, one thing I couldn’t help noticing was the view of the favela from Ipanema beach. What’s more, imagining what could actually be happening in there reminded of the contrast in life that exists in this paradise, all whilst I selfishly lay on my coral white beach towel deciding when next to apply another layer of factor 4 banana oil. #firstworldproblems

Having come to the end of an unforgettable time in Rio, the most memorable moment was probably from our tour guide, Pedro. When asking him about how excited he was about this years FIFA World Cup, he in-fact got very angry.

His anger is said to be widely echoed throughout the city, mainly because of the amount of money being pumped into hosting a successful World Cup when it could be better spent on areas of the city that need this investment more so. As a show of this anger, Pedro warned of demonstrations before and during the World Cup.

I had been back in England for just over a day, I switched on the news to see reports of riots from Rio, the cariocas were showing their expressive nature already.

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